Like many other non-profit organizations, we want to be transparent and open with you, the public. To do so, we have made our budget visible for anyone to view. Keeping the conference free to all attendees while making sure the speakers, workshop members, and performers receive the compensation they deserve is very important to NYCAASC.

If you can relate to NYCAASC’s mission and are interested in supporting our goals, please consider being a sponsor! Anything you donate will go towards creating a safe space for students to learn about the APIA community.

The budget is updated weekly. Feel free to email lisa@nycaasc.com for any questions, comments, or concerns!

Thanks from all of us at NYCAASC for your support — we really appreciate it!

Sources of Funding

NYCAASC is funded by a variety of parties. Because NYCAASC is housed under the club Asian Heritage Month (AHM) at NYU, the majority of our budget comes from money allocated to us by AHM. Our Publicity / Fundraising team works to obtain sponsorship from various community organizations, as well as putting on other fundraising events to raise money from NYCAASC. Even with all this, we need $4,000 to cover the remaining costs of the conference (paying for food, performances, and technical fees). We've started a crowdfunding platform to raise the additional amount — www.risingviolets.nyu.edu/nycaasc. Any dollar amount, no matter how small, helps! If you are able to help out financially, we would really appreciate it. Thanks for your support!


These are the suggested amounts we spend on each category. Honorariums for workshops start at $50, but are negotiated with each individual depending on the amount of money we have.

** Spending amount differs with the number of people we need to accomodate.

Expense For Price per person Amount of expected people** Total to be spent**
Honorariums Workshop Participants $50 48 $2,400
Food Attendees $5 300 $1,500


This is what NYCAASC spends its money on! Production means any costs the team may collect when putting on NYCAASC — transportation fees, rentals, etc. Workshops means any honorariums for those leading workshops as well as any supplies needed for workshops. Events pays for the performance fees. Logistics expenses are costs related to the venue.

Total $8320
Money to Raise $4000
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