NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 1

API Flower Power: Understanding Personal Identity and the Connection to Privilege

Room 388

Description: API: Flower Power is an interactive workshop where participants unpack the complexities of the Asian identity using the Power Flower model. The “Power Flower” is a tool developed by Canadian social change educators when working with groups to “identify who we are (and who we aren’t) as individuals and as a group in relation to those who wield power in our society.” (Educating for a Change, p. 87) The goal is to understand our personal identity and their connections to privilege. Workshop is limited to 12 participants.


Jasmine Kyon

J./Jasmine Kyon is a queer Burmese-Chinese sunflower who grew up traveling between Chinatown and Queens, helping them perfect the art of sleeping in the subway. J. grew up witnessing how space has offered or denied accessibility to immigrant, queer people of color, inspiring them to research on the equity of public transportation as a Student Research Fellow at the Arcus Center of Social Justice Leadership. Jasmine is also the co-organizer of the Kalamazoo Poetry Collective, connecting Kalamazoo College to local artists and facilitating storytelling workshops to QTPoC youth. Jasmine has introduced the Flower Power workshop to Fire Historical and Arts Collaborative and smART, and is grateful to be in the space of NYCAASC to share an API-centric version of the Flower Power for the first time.