NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 1

Behind the Masc: Unveiling Toxic Masculinity in Our Schools

Room 379

Description: Toxic masculinity is a huge presence in school environments, and has gone unchecked for too long. Learn about the origins of toxic masculinity and the weays it presents itself, and discover how to take concrete steps to address the issue in schools and workplaces.


Nancy Liang


Nancy Liang is a senior at Hunter College High School and a proud Brooklynite. She has been involved in many Chinatown organizations during her time in high school and is a co-founder of AALFY, the Asian American Leadership Forum for Youth. She is a person who thinks a lot about the structures and norms of her environments in her free time. She will be headed to Cornell University in the fall and hopes to continue sparking discussion in her classmates. She hopes to create or inform public policy one day. In her free time, Nancy enjoys bike riding, planning events, discussing politics, and cooking.