NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 2

Activating Asian American Youth: Understanding Your Role as a Student

Room 369

Description: What can high school and college students do to be more active in their communities and schools? Learn how other students have organized ethnic groups and conferences, and understand how you can discuss issues with your families and friends.


Alex Chen

Townsend Harris HS

Jenni Loo

Asian American Leadership Forum for Youth

Jenni Loo is a senior at Hunter College High School. She is a founder/organizer of the Asian American Leadership Forum for Youth (AALFY), a conference planned by high school students for high school students, which will happen this year on May 27 (check if you're interested!). She also interns at the W.O.W. Project's Oral History Project. In her free time she loves exploring Chinatown, working on theatre and film projects, and talking about gentrification.

Nusrat Islam

Asian Youth in Action at CAAAV