NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 3

Creative Resistance: Islamophobia in a Trump Era

Room 375

Description: In a time where Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism have reached new heights, what are the ways in which Muslim Americans are resisting and creating new narratives for the Muslim community? From video anthologies to poetry to hoodies, each of our panelists will speak to how they use different media for storytelling, raising awareness, and creating safe spaces for Muslim American experiences and discussing the implications of the current political climate on their personal experiences, as well as the larger Arab/Muslim/Sikh/Middle-Eastern/South Asian community.


Mariam Chardiwall

Muslim American Anthologies

Mariam has a BA in political science and minor in geography from CUNY Hunter College. Her passion for community organizing, strategic storytelling and human rights has been nurtured through more than three years in the nonprofit sector. With encouragement from passionate and likeminded colleagues, Mariam has been working on the Muslim American Anthologies (MAA) project, an inclusive social media platform made to address issues within the Muslim American community and global community as a whole. Working as MAA co-founder since 2015, Mariam continues to meet amazing people who share their personal and professional experiences to reclaim and humanize the Muslim-American narrative, fighting distorted perceptions of the other.

Ismail Ibrahim

Salam Clothing

Ismail "Ish" Ibrahim is the founder and head designer of Salam Clothing, a socially conscious streetwear brand meant to tackle islamophobia while raising money for Syrian Refugees. Ibrahim is currently an NYU Student double majoring in Journalism and Politics, Rights, and Development.

Ayesha Ifran

Muslim Writer's Collective