NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 3

Envisioning Creative Futures: Immigrant & Youth Resistance in Chinatown

Room 361

Description: Building from our work in New York City’s Chinatown with the WOW Project and from conducting oral history interviews, we plan to explore how long-time residents, small businesses, and tenants organize in the wake of displacement through various on the ground, digital media, and art strategies. Our workshop will be interactive with participants who wish to learn more about resistance and how to address the gentrification happening in immigrant neighborhoods across the city.


Mei Lum

Wing on Wo & Co (W.O.W)

Mei Lum is the 5th generation owner-in-training of her family's porcelain shop, Wing on Wo & Co (W.O.W) and founder and director of W.O.W's community initiative, The W.O.W Project. Inspired by her family's pivotal moment in deciding whether or not to fold their 92-year-old porcelain ware small business, Mei founded The W.O.W Project to engage community members -- youth, elders, business owners and concerned residents -- in conversation and innovative idea generation about the future of their neighborhood. Mei is working hard on building a socially-minded business model for W.O.W that supports the future growth of The W.O.W Project.

Diane Wong

Diane Wong is a doctoral candidate at Cornell University where she writes on race, gender and the gentrification of Chinatowns. As a scholar activist and educator, her research stems from a place of revolutionary praxis and love for community. As a first generation Chinese American woman born and raised in New York City her research is intimately tied to Chinese diaspora and the immigrant experience. Her current dissertation research explores how gentrification impacts low-income immigrants and how Chinese residents with limited resources mobilize to fight for their homes, shifting away from the narrative of immigrants as non-political. Outside of graduate school and research, she also works as a community organizer with groups like Asians4BlackLives-NYC, 18 Million and Rising, and CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities.