NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Track 3

Trash as Political Agency: Racialized Environmentalism under Colonialism, Imperialism, and Capitalism

Room 374

Description: Why do communities of color disproportionately bear the environmental burdens of waste on a local, national, and a global scale? How is modern day environmentalism related to race relations? How is the trash we create a tangible representation of environmental injustice? This interactive workshop will contextualize garbage with the various -isms that exist in our world. In addition, we’ll take a look at how garbage and waste has been used as a weapon in negotiations of power in the past.


Lisa Ng

NYCAASC 2017 Director

Lisa studies Urban Environmental Policy at Brooklyn College - she is particularly interested in the intersection between solid waste management and environmental justice. She will work to ensure NYCAASC continues to be a nurturing space for folks to learn, love, and grow. In her free time, she loves to watch TV, rock climb, and listen to her friends tell stories.