NYCAASC 2017 Workshops

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Resisting 100 Days of Trump

Room 914

Description: What does it mean to be a target in the current political climate as a person of color/queer/feminist/youth/Muslim under the Trump presidency? Today, on the 100th Day of Trump, this panel will discuss the ways in which communities have resisted and will continue to resist political oppression. How much is the Trump administration an anomaly to the U.S. political climate, and how much is it not? We must critically reflect on the longer history of how the current political climate came to be and how we can best move forward to work towards a liberated future.


Amir Ashour

Amir Ashour is an international human rights defender with 7 years of experience working with Iraqi and international organizations focusing on groups like LGBT+ individuals, women, displaced individuals, and other marganilized groups. He’s the founder of IraQueer; the first and only LGBT+ organization in Iraq/KurdistanRegion. He’s a one young world ambassador, Swedish institute alumni, and a David Kato Voice and Vision award candidate.

Vijou Bryant


Vijou Bryant serves as the Vice Chairperson of GABRIELA NY, a grassroots Filipina women’s organization. GABRIELA NY is a mass-based organization serving New York City and its surrounding areas connecting the Filipino diaspora to the women’s struggle in the Philippines.

Mahfuz Rahman


Mahfuzur Rahman is a native of East Harlem, speaks two languages and is working towards achieving the International Baccalaureate Diploma. He serves as a board member for Community Board 11, chairing for the Health Committee. Mahfuz was a Asian Youth in Action intern with CAAAV working with Asian tenants in Chinatown and Queens Bridge. Additionally, he is part of the High School Liason program at NYCAASC. On the day that Betsy DeVos was being confirmed as Secretary of Education he led his student body in protest among thousands of New Yorkers. In his free time, he is exploring New York and watching action films.

Constance Cho

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)*NYC

Connie Cho is a member of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)*NYC Chapter and an organizer for the 2017 Asian American Feminism Series. Hailing from mid-Missouri, she moved to NYC three years ago as a New York City Urban Fellow. She now works for a legal nonprofit that supports community-based health care and social services providers as they navigate New York State Medicaid Redesign. Connie graduated from Yale College, holds a masters in gender studies and social policy from the London School of Economics, and will attend law school in the fall to strengthen our social safety net and advance both health and healing justice.

Julie Kim

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA)/NAPAWF

Julie Ae Kim is a Community Organizer at the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs where she focuses on making NYC a more immigrant inclusive city. She organizes primarily in Queens and areas that have concentrated populations of Korean and Chinese communities. Previously, she was in Guangzhou, China working on using crowdsourcing as a way to promote sexual health among youth and LGBTQ communities. Julie is also on the board of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF) NYC Chapter.

Moderator: Maya Singhal

Maya Singhal is a senior in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis and a master’s student in the Draper Interdisciplinary Master’s Program. She studies women of color feminism and literature, focusing on race, trauma, and the body, and she hopes to continue these studies in a PhD program.