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My Name Is...

GC 274, 11:45 - 1:10

Words have power, and names more so. Personally, growing up as an Asian American without an "Americanized" name, I was subject to jokes about my name. These jokes were not necessarily cruel in nature, but for a good amount of time, I think I resented my own name, although eventually, I grew to appreciate and love my name. Through this workshop, I wish to open a discussion of the power of names; what our (as in the APIA community) names mean to us, especially for those of us with non-Americanized first names; and to explore the themes of identity and names through the experiences we, as Asian Americans have, as many of us live with 'Asian' names, whether it is our given name, a middle name, or our last name.

Eurie Kim

Eurie Kim

My name is Eurie Kim, and I'm a current senior at Rutgers University studying Computer Science. I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things, which is why I'm here to try to present this workshop. :)

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