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We Are the Ones We've Been Looking For

GC 269, 11:45 - 1:10

Asian Americans have always been involved in movements for justice. In this period of escalated attacks on communities of color, poor communities, LGBTQ people, women's bodies, the environment, etc., it is important for us to build common language and across identities. Facilitators will work with participants to understand the current moment, and share the work of organizations in NYC and CA that are working to fight systemic racism and articulating a vision for a world we build together.

Israt Audry

Israt Audry

Seeding Change grows a national Asian American movement to promote a just, sustainable, and democratic society by catalyzing and building a national infrastructure for the next generation of Asian American organizers, and long-term movement building initiatives in the Asian American community toward a vibrant social and economic justice movement. Israt Audry [they/them, she/her] is a Bangladeshi from a working class background. Israt was first introduced to social justice work in 2012 while looking for a community who understood their experiences as an undocumented person. Israt has since participated in immigrants rights struggles with various groups in NYC like RAISE and DRUM. As a member of DRUM's leadership team, Israt has experience working in a multi-generational movement space, and has worked in DRUM's gender justice, immigrants justice, and racial justice programs. Understanding the complexities of their various identities, Israt hopes to support other folks in spaces like Seeding Change as they learn about movement building strategies, and explore their own leadership abilities. Israt recently graduated from The City University of New York- Hunter College with a Bachelors in English & Psychology.

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