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Appropriators or Originators? Asian-Americans, Hip-Hop, and Authenticity

GC 274, 1:45 - 3:10

Where do we draw the line between appropriation and appreciation? How can Asian creates make work that contributes to Hip-Hop culture without decentralizing Black and Brown voices and narratives? And, most importantly - did Bruce Lee and 2Pac die for this? Chinese-American rapper jason chu discusses the complicated relationship between Asian-Americans and Hip-Hop culture, including issues of authenticity, media representation, and showing up for the Black and Brown community.

Jason Chu

Jason Chu

jason chu is a rapper and poet. His music is a weapon against the inevitable collapse of humanity. jason has performed at hundreds of colleges, conferences, and venues across the country and internationally. He partnered with the Obama White House to fight bullying in APIA communities, and recently keynoted at the 2017 Black and Brown Male Summit. You can follow jason at,, and @jasonchumusic on all social media.

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