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Take the Mic: Sharing Our Voices Through Interactive Narratives

GC 269, 1:45 - 3:10

The Girl Who Sees is a role-playing fantasy video game that engages players with Filipino culture through interactive storytelling. Created by a team of Filipino-Americans and Filipinos (and a couple of allies), the game is meant to elevate and showcase Filipino-American narratives not only to a primarily Western audience, but also to empower and encourage other members of the Filipino diaspora to speak up and speak proud. Cultural, institutional, and systematic racism has historically downplayed the the importance of AAPI representation. The lack of Asian and Asian-American visibility is the consequence of these biases. This workshop will explore portrayals of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans in the arts and media. Members of the TGWS team will share their personal experiences of expressing Filipino culture through gaming, dance, writing, and other forms of media. We will help participants brainstorm ideas on how they can voice their own cultural narratives with basic online and creative tools. Our goal is to encourage this workshop's participants to find their own ways of expressing their Asian heritage and unique experiences through the arts. By sharing our experiences and creating an open brainstorming session, we hope to give the participants the tools necessary for them to walk away feeling empowered to make change. Let's take the mic, turn up the volume, and tell our stories!

Patti Umali

Pattie Umali

Pattie Umali is an international education practitioner and game designer devoted to teaching youth about contemporary cultures and peoples throughout the world. Pattie is the founder of InterIntellectus NFP, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that aims to prepare individuals for global citizenship and the international workplace through technology, gaming, and media. She holds an MA in Intercultural and International Communication from American University that focused on technology in international education. She received her BA in Sociology and International Relations from Brown University, where she was an active member of Brown's Filipino Alliance. Pattie wants to spark an earlier interest in global education and world cultures in the K-12 age group through tech and gaming. Her international experiences have taught her the importance of interaction with people from other cultures. Before coming to AU, she worked in enrollment management and customized programming at a study abroad provider in Chicago. Pattie is leading a development team in building InterIntellectus' first video game, a fantasy adventure role-playing game set in World War II Philippines entitled The Girl Who Sees ( The game's social media presence focuses on the positive representation of Filipinos and the Philippines in media and pop culture, as well as encouraging the young Filipino diaspora to rediscover their indigenous Filipino roots.

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