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Interconnected Global Struggles: Socialism in Vietnam post-Revolution

GC 269, 4:00 - 5:20

U.S. women organizers and activists participated in a women's delegation to Vietnam hosted by the Vietnam Women's Union. Our delegates shared our women's movements in the U.S. while the delegation took this time as an opportunity to learn about the successes of VWU's organizing, where they have 16 million members and are organized at the national, provincial, and communal levels. This workshop will cover the work of VWU including domestic violence, microcredit loans, supporting the political leadership of women, and also lessons learned on Vietnam's recovery post-war and building towards socialism. Hear about the reflections from U.S. women's movement and Vietnam's women's movement.

Cathy Dang

Cathy Dang

Cathy Dang is the Executive Director of CAAAV and has organized in labor and community-led planning for over a decade with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the Retail Action Project and other grassroots organizations including the fight to keep Wal-Mart out of Los Angeles' Chinatown. In her time with the Retail Action Project, she helped win the first wage increase in the Victoria's Secret flagship store of 700+ employees and organized workers to win a racial discrimination case affecting Black women workers across several VS locations. At CAAAV, she has helped lead campaigns winning victories securing dozens of Chinatown tenants' homes and started the first project to organize NYC's public housing Asian-immigrant tenants. She is originally from Ridgewood, Queens and Los Angeles, California, and a daughter of Chinese-Vietnamese refugee parents who raised her in their nail salon in Downtown Brooklyn.

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