NYCAASC 2018: Emergence Workshops

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Rise, Resist, Revolt: Home in Revolution

GC 261, 4:00 - 5:20

"Rise, Resist, Revolt: Home in Revolution" examines how the Filipino nation and identity, as shared by other Asian identities, were born out of revolutionary struggle. From Spanish colonization to the Marcos dictatorship to the present-day US-Duterte regime, Filipino activists have shaped their own history, culture, and identity. As Filipino youth scattered throughout the diaspora, time and distance disconnect us from our homeland, forcing us in the limbo of hyphenated identities. However, through this workshop, we will discuss, act out, and find creative ways in which we answer the call to serve the ongoing revolution back home, powerfully relearning and reaffirming the Filipino in "Filipino-American."



Anakbayan New York is a grassroots political Filipino youth organization fighting against gentrification in Queens and US imperialism back home in the Philippines, advocating for the rights and welfare for our kababayan across the diaspora.

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